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Water Management Solutions UK Ltd (WMS) was established in 1994 and is one of the UK's leading water and waste cost reduction specialists with over 25 years of experience of auditing water bills and negotiating with all water and sewerage companies across the United Kingdom. To date we have achieved rebates and savings for our clients in excess of £35 million.

Due to the complexity of pricing structures and the recent re-organisation of water companies, many businesses are paying more than they should for their water services. WMS UK are currently assisting many companies large and small across the UK to significantly reduce their water and sewage costs and claim back retrospective overcharges, in some instances going back six years.


1 in 4 sets of bills received from our clients was being overcharged.

More than 25% of our clients in the UK are being overcharged for their water and waste water services. WMS UK can undertake a review of your water and waste water charges without cost. There are no upfront fees to pay as our works are completed solely on a performance related fee basis. No savings possible ? Then nothing is payable to us at all.

That's right, if we do not identify any proven savings or back dateable claims, there will be no fee payable by you for the work completed. However, you will still have the benefit and peace of mind of knowing that you are paying the correct amount for these services in future.

For more information or to book your free water audit and review please telephone: 0333 323 7708 or alternatively, email office@watermanagementsolutions.co.uk


Over 35,000,000 million pounds saved!

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To book your free initial water audit review call 0333 323 7708 or email: office@watermanagementsolutions.co.uk

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