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We have worked with Primark Stores for several years securing refunds and savings of over £1.2 million pounds.

Over the last fifteen Water Management Solutions Ltd and Primark have established an unrivalled relationship which has over this time resulted in over 1.2 million pounds in combined water savings across all sites we have worked with to date in the UK.

Using our established knowledge and expertise in the water services sector WMS has been successful in reclaiming monies in over 50% of Primark sites across the UK.

In 2018/19 Water Management Solutions were responsible for a water switching service for the whole company resulting in saving of thousands of pounds and significant service improvements.  These savings became possible following deregulation of the water retail market in 2017.

WMS UK has worked in partnership with Primark for fifteen years and this has delivered not only one-off savings but has also ensured that water services will be provided efficiently and billed accurately at all sites in the future. 

Areas of investigations included :

Duplicate charging and incorrectly applied tariffs

Meter sizes and charge reduction

Leak detection and calculation of refunds

Surface water and highways drainage charge reduction.

Real examples of water savings in action. Water Management Solutions here to help you reduce your water and sewage costs and bills.

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