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Water savings and refunds across sites in Scotland often arising from historic overcharging.

Water Management Solutions UK Ltd was appointed by Abellio ScotRail to conduct a project investigating their annual water and effluent charges. This was with a view to reducing ongoing costs and recouping overcharges within their water utilities spend from previous years.

Through detailed analysis of both billing and business operations and the effects it has regarding water usage, we identified a wide range of rooted issues in the water billing which had led to overcharging for a number of years. We were able to claim back refunds over a number of years on behalf of Abellio ScotRail.

This current project is already achieving great success with an outcome for Abellio ScotRail that has led to significant refunds plus, more manageable, lower ongoing water and effluent costs. 


Areas of investigation included :

Meter sizes and charge reduction

Leak detection and calculation of refunds

Trade effluent strengths and allowances 

Surface water & highways drainage charge reduction

Duplicate charges and incorrectly applied tariffs

Bespoke/ Unusual tariffs and charges

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