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Water Switching - Market Deregulation Opportunities

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What does water de-regulation mean to your business?

Since the water retail market opened on 1st April 2017, the UK government has estimated there to be over 1 million more eligible businesses and other non household customers in England who can now choose their supplier of water and waster services. Suppliers compete for customers by offering them the best deal.

Why switch Supplier?

With a open choice of water retailers there are many ways your company can benefit such as, receiving tailored services to your company and its needs, offering better pricing structures and all round better service standards. All these benefits are applicable whilst ensuring your getting the same quality of water as before.

How much can I save?

For some customers water switching can result in significant savings on water and waste water and these savings are likely to grow as the underlying cost of water and dealing with waste water increase in future. In some cases companies can save up to 15% on their bills.

With over 25 years experience Water Management Solutions UK have expert knowledge of the market place and decades of experience experience and are well placed to understand your requirements for water switching. 

Get in touch with Water Management Solutions UK to look at your options to switch water supplier and take the first step to saving money on your water and waste water bills. 



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