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Surface Water and Highways Drainage

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Surface water drainage occurs when rainwater from your property drains into the sewer. Your water supplier collects and treats this surface water. There is a charge to you for this service.

Most rainwater falling on properties drains into public sewers owned by water and sewerage companies. The companies are responsible for removing and processing this rainwater. The companies collect around £1 billion each year to cover the costs of this service. If rainwater drains from your property into a public sewer, you will be charged for surface water drainage.

If you can prove that the surface rainwater from your property does not drain into the public sewer (soakaways, recycled on premises etc) you may be entitled to an exemption from future surface water charges. You may also be able to claim a refund for money you have previously paid for surface water drainage. 

Water Management Solutions UK has achieved refunds totalling millions of pounds for clients regarding surface water claims and water overcharging. Start saving today - get in touch.




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