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Most businesses will experience water leakage in some form or other. Leaks from underground pipes, plumbing fixtures and fittings can be a significant source of wasting water and money.

Leaks can go undetected for many years costing thousands of pounds. If a leak unexpectedly becomes a burst mains pipe, this can have even greater consequences such as loss of production or even temporary closure causing significant lost revenue to your business.

Our team of highly qualified leak technicians will quickly identify the exact location of the leak by using a range of the latest sophisticated equipment. Our approach is usually faster, more cost effective and less intrusive than some traditional methods.

After repairing the identified leak, we will help monitor consumption for a period to ensure that there are no other residual issues.

Finally, Water Management Services UK will calculate your historic losses caused from the leak and negotiate with the water company any refund entitlements which due. This can often be valued at several thousands of pounds.

WMS UK can initially investigate this for you without any capital expenditure. Furthermore, many leaks will generate refunds with values far exceeding the cost of repair therefore helping any such project remain “cash positive” throughout the term.

How much are water leaks costing my business every year? What is the value of my water services refund? Give us a call to discuss the possible savings we can help you make.



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