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WMS UK achieved rebates and generated year on year savings for Rosenberger.

Water Management Solutions UK Ltd were delegated by Rosenberger Micro-Coax to undertake an ongoing investigation with he taim to reclaim owed monies and to lower water charges moving forward.

Following review of sewage based charges, Water Management Solutions UK (WMS) identified a problem with the highways drainage charges for this site.

Prior to WMS involvement, Rosenberger Micro-Coax had successfully challenged the drainage charges proving that no surface water entered into water company sewers, directly or indirectly, from this site. As a consequence the water company removed the surface water element to leave highways drainage charges (HD) only.

HD charges were calculated with a site area band 7, which is allocated to premises with hard-standing non-permeable areas between 7,000 - 11,999m2. Upon examination and scrutiny of this chargeable area, our analysis identified permeable unused areas that should have been excluded. Furthermore, we liaised with external agencies to determine whether the water company plan of the site was an accurate depiction of our client’s boundary. Additional discrepancies were uncovered and a formal claim was prepared and submitted to the water company outlining the results of our review.

In response, the water company accepted our claim in its entirety. The original chargeable area of 8,032m2 was reduced to 2,513m2 giving a new site area band 5 (1,500 - 2,999m2) forming the future basis of HD charging. Annual charges reduced from £5,937.23 to £1,405.62 which is a permanent allowance.

Areas of investigation included :

Surface water and highways drainage charge reduction

Negotiation of future charges at a much lower base cost

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