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Rio Tinto refunded significant monies through incorrect tariff charging by the water company.

Water Management Solutions UK Ltd was appointed by Rio Tinto to help investigate escalating annual water and effluent charges. Rio Tinto wanted to understand why costs had significantly risen although they had vacated the premises

WMS identified an opportunity for Rio Tinto through our own software and investigative techniques for a site it had historically disposed and no longer formed part of its estate. Rio Tinto were approached with a proposal which sought to recoup excessive payments it had made whilst owners. 

Although the site had lain dormant for many years it was deemed still chargeable for sewerage services according to United Utilities charging policy. Using precedent cases WMS was able to demonstrate why the site should not fall within the parameters of the vacant property policy and was able to negotiate a revised account cancellation date that was years prior to the sale of the site by Rio Tinto. A significant refund followed.

As a consequence of our deep understanding of the intricacies of water company policy we were able to disprove a series of assumptions it had made and provide a significant cash windfall for Rio Tinto.

Areas of investigations included :

Leak detection

Surface water & highways drainage charge reduction

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