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Northumbria Police

Our partnership with Northumbria Police on its Carbon Management Plan also delivered significant cost savings.

Northumbria Police serves a population of 1.5 million people and covers an area of more than 2,000 square miles in the North East of England, operating from sites from the Scottish border down to County Durham and from the Pennines across to the North East coast.

As part of the force’s Carbon Management Plan, Water Management Solutions UK Ltd (WMS) was asked to deliver its Water Management Programme across their estate. The programme had two distinct phases:

Phase 1 – cost and consumption analysis and cost recovery.

Phase 2 – site surveys to investigate high consumption

In Phase 1, billing analysis initially focused on fixed charges and identified issues at three sites requiring investigation by WMS’s engineers. 

Phase 2 was initiated after usage analysis, through site profiling and bench marking, indicated a potentially high consumption or leakage on four sites. The site surveys evaluated all water use, clarifying consumption levels and identifying reduction measures, with the findings detailed in report. This allowed the estates team to deliver a planned programme of improvements.

Areas of investigation included : 

Leak detection, fix and refund. 

Meter downsize and charge reduction.

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