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Systematically working across a numerous NHS hospital sites in England and Wales achieving combined savings in excess of £1,000,000.

Water Management Solutions UK Ltd were commissioned to carry out a multi site water audit across the UK with the primary aim of water cost reduction whilst ensuring we were saving water in the chosen facilities. 

After a a detailed and granular analysis by our water billing specialists of bills at each site WMS UK began to reveal multiple issues with billing over many years.  Some of these issues arose at new build sites based on misunderstandings by the relevant water company while others were more structural and had been wrongly embedded into the water company tariff mechanism for many years.

To date with our detailed advice on future procurement strategy and over-payment recovery WMS UK were able to provide the NHS with a combined group saving of over £1,000,000.

Areas of investigation included :

Flow regulating and monitoring equipment

Leak - rebate and refund

Surface water drainage charge reductions

Real examples of water savings in action. Water Management Solutions here to help you reduce your water and sewage costs and bills.

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