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Our expertise and knowledge of the water industry helped achieve significant savings to be made by First Group.

Water Management Solutions UK Ltd was asked by First Group to help investigate the rising cost of water and effluent charges at their Bristol and Haverford West depots.

WMS surveyed the sites looking for leakage and wastage issues that would account for such increases in charges. We soon discovered small leaks and several areas of wastage.

The principal reason First Group bills had increased was that they were losing significant amounts of water through their faulty urinal systems. The systems were totally unmanaged leading to significant waste.  This meant that the automatic urinal cisterns were constantly filling and flushing 24 hours per day, 365 days per annum irrespective of when staff were on site.

Additionally, cold water flow rates from the taps were in excess of 20 litres per minute and hot water flow rates were in excess of 14 litres per minute. These flow rates are excessive which was not only wasting water but also wasting expensive energy.

WMS proposed an inexpensive solution to reduce consumption to both urinals and taps that only cost a small fraction of the overall annual wastage that was occurring.   Net savings were considerable with a remarkably short pay back time.

As a result of First Group implementing the WMS recommendation, they were able to recoup their investment within a few months. Additionally, First Group water/effluent billing reduced by just over 19% per year saving them tens of thousands of pounds over the coming years.

Areas of investigations included :

Leak detection

Site survey – revealed faulty washroom equipment

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