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Dundee Football Club

Tens of thousands saved following our detailed investigation into billing from the water company.

Water Management Solutions UK Ltd received an enquiry from Dundee FC regarding their rising water costs at their football stadium. After an analysis of their billing it was clear that were some anomalies with the account.

WMS immediately identified that meter charges were incorrect. Although the original meters were left in situ for fire hydrant purposes, WMS negotiated with the water company a notional downsize saving the club just over £11,000 per annum.

The water audit review identified leakage on one of the meters. This was repaired and a leak allowance was granted to Dundee FC and they were refunded significant sums of money and substantially reduced their ongoing costs.

Additionally, the billing revealed that no allowance had been granted for irrigation of the football pitch. WMS negotiated a refund and an allowance for Dundee FC from the water company saving Dundee FC significant amounts of money. 

Areas of investigations included but not limited to :

Meter sizes and verification

Leak detection and wastage

Non return to sewer allowances

Investigation of faulty equipment

Real examples of water savings in action. Water Management Solutions here to help you reduce your water and sewage costs and bills.

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