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Water Management Services UK - helping the Compass Group save thousands of pounds in water bills across their business nation wide.

With over £22 billion in annual revenue Compass Group Plc is a British multinational contract food service company with multiple sites all over the world.

After liaising with Water Management Solutions UK Ltd and understanding the results we have achieved to date  for other companies in similar geographical locations and within similar/same industry's, Compass instructed WMS UK to initially investigate matters of concern with the water company for a pilot project covering nine of their UK sites.

Savings of many thousands were achieved from this small pilot exercise and the scalability and potential for even bigger savings became immediately apparent to the Compass management team.

Upon receiving outstanding cost savings valued at many of thousands of pounds, Compass decided to extend the exercise to a national project in which WMS were tasked to find further savings and rebates across the group and its subsidiaries. With a 1 in 3 site success rate already achieved, and with savings valued at tens of thousands of pounds delivered we are on track to deliver impressive long term savings to Compass Group PLC.

With under 15% of the groups total estates looked at to date the changes we have planned will ensure Compass can achieve a more manageable, more cost efficient water and effluent billing structure across the whole company.

Areas of investigations included :

  • Meter size and charge reduction
  • Leak detection and calculated refunds
  • Trade effluent & highways drainage charge reduction
  • Duplicate charging and incorrectly applied tariffs 
  • Bespoke/ unusual tariffs and charges

Real examples of water savings in action. Water Management Solutions here to help you reduce your water and sewage costs and bills.

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